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Texas Families Cannot Find or Afford Child Care
Texas Employers Cannot Find the Workers They Need

What changes to child care did Texas voters just approve?

In 2023, the Texas Legislature sent a Constitutional Amendment to voters to allow cities and counties to provide property tax relief to child care providers.

In November 2023, the people of Texas overwhelmingly voted YES on Proposition 2 – allowing cities and counties to cut property taxes from for child care providers who serve working parents.

Talk to your City/Local officials and ask them to say YES to child care!

Why is Child Care Property Tax Relief important?

With lower property taxes child care centers can:

• Reduce child care costs for families
• Expand child care available to working parents
• Support wages for child care educators
• Reinvest savings into quality education for children

How to Get Involved

talk to your local leaders

Encourage your local city or county official to vote YES for Child Care Property Tax Relief. Click here to learn more.

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Click here to tell us why child care is important to you and/or if you have had challenges accessing child care. We can help share your story through Op-Ed templates!

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